well its been a while…

23rd February 2010

I just realised how long it has been since I posted anything, I think facebook and twitter sort of killed my blogging…. the short term fix of micro blogging is a lot easier and probably a lot more interesting than thinking of enough text to fill a decent blog post!

I need a well deserved holiday,  I have the money to go wherever I what but just need someone who will go with me,  I could always go on my own!

Right now I am weighing up living at home and a steady job with going back to university and trying to do all the things I should have done when I went the first time,  I think its all to functional at the moment I need some more time larking about and being a student, heck we have got all the time in world to be old, and we are a long time dead. Failing going back to uni, I think getting a house and a women might sort my life. out!

Really need to get doing some photography again…



What is summer?

21st August 2009

I don’t know about anyone else but everyone I talk to at the moment is either stressed out, tired, or happy as can be.

Why is there such a dichotomy in moods during the summer months? Personally I find myself wanting to be going on holiday and doing everything I know i should be doing, but alas find myself in the “stressed & pissed off” camp. One of those who feel they have not made enough of their summer are stratching away to make it “a summer to remember” Finding myself having to finally realise the fact people move on and things aren’t the same…

I think summer defines who we are, how well we are doing or where we are headed in life.  Exam results,  uni places,  holidays,  relationships and friendships are made and lost. All these things seem to be magnified in these few months before we all quieten down and rest during the winter amoungst darker nights and typical British winter weather..

That’s enough  of my idle ramblings to ponder for now.

old ideas, new projects

11th August 2009

It’s been a while since I last posted, it always is! However I have been busily working away on a few projects since i last posted. Firstly I have finally got round to developing a serious website for myself, soon to launch the latest and greatest version of my site bentleyphotography.co.uk is well underway, oddly the on;y thing left to do is to work out how I am gonig to display all the photos on it, arguably the mst important feature!

Just a little sample of my photography is below…


Also I had been working on a little community building project for my local town when I was voulenteering for an organisation called Stourport Forward, where I first developed and this idea. I am now working on a new forum for the town a soundboard for people in the local community to discuss local issues and the like. It’s not reinventing the wheel however I think if it takes off it could really do some good, as with all projects which allow people to communicate freely it runs the risk of becoming a “we hate this…” type affair.

Thats about it for now… EOM 🙂

Travelling faster but seeing less of the world…

6th May 2009

I’d only been back in a university for an hour, and already I had started pondering the world again… so i thought i’d write something to make you stop and think.

In an age of hyper-globalization, instant communication and global travel, we have an opportunity to see more of the world than ever before (if we are socially mobile that is!), although even this does not matter with the internet we can see the world from our computer chair.

But has air travel and an age of hi speed trains, resulted in us to experience less of the world?

We race to experience the mountains of new zealand or reserves of Africa or even the worlds cities in sanitized vessels of transport, but are we missing out on the bit in the middle. The journey, the experience of travel, has this become condensed into a microwaved meal and a cup of dreadful airline coffee? what happened to the bits in the middle?

Just looking out of the train window on even the shortest of new journeys we can learn so much about the area and the places on the way to the destination we have become so obsessed at reaching in the shortest possible time.

*newsflash* its another post!

17th April 2009

So Easter has been and gone, a distant memory of feeling slightly nortous after eating an amount of chocolate which at any othert time of the year [other than christms] we would think was stupid.
It seems the purpose of religion has become an excuse for excessive eating of chocolate, something I’m certianly not complaining about!

So recently I have been starting to plan a few more photography trips, I did my first fashion shoot, which I found much easier than I had first expected dispite the lighting being a bit dark.I had a nice relax over easter and managed to last a whole 2 days before getting stressed out.

The jury is still out on the uni vs. work debate but I think the recession has made it a foolish choice to leave paid work at the moment.

I am beginning to have to learn more about webdesign both for my job and due to expecation, don’t get me wrong I can knock up a half decent looking site in a matter of hours, but im finding I need to know a lot more!

I shall write again when I can think of something interesting…which may be a while!

Another Sporadic blog post

18th February 2009

Well blogsphere its been a while since I posted,  however I have been busy trying to decide on my future, working hard and not playing enough.

To go back to uni or to stay at work. A tough question, add in an economic crisis and the inability to get easy credit and you have a clear tick in the stay at work box. But on the other hand, how long can I leave not going back, the ecomonic crisis can only last so long *hopes* and its kinda what I THINK I want to do, yes only think.

I guess i am in the confort of knowing that few people my age actually know what they want to do or be still. Those who do I am sure will have doubts later in life about it.

I’ve never been one for decisions, I shall have to go back to the old plan of writing a big list of pros and cons!

In other news.. I designed an advert which is going to be published in a trade magazine which I am chuffed about! I am a little untaken by this “twitter” melarky that seems to be taking the world by storm, its basically legalised and permissioned stalking it makes little sence to me!

Thats enough for now.

A strange week

25th January 2009

Well what a strange week, on Monday I underwent septoplasty to correct a deviated nasal septum in my nose. My first time in hospital other than when I was born,  with the new NHS options I got to chose to have the operation in a private hospital for free (less chance of catching MRSA or something and amazing food!)

I was rather nervous about the operation, as I had read on lot on the internet about the operation and the after effects, something I wish I had never had done, but it is a natural desire to research things to fill the void between what you are told by the consultant several weeks before hand and your apprehensions.  With this in mind I thought I would create a guide to what the feelings are post-op.

Straight after the op:

You are still drugged up and your nose is set perfectly, you are given something to eat and drink (in my case I was given tea, which is a big mistake as the steam from it is bad), If your sense of smell and taste has been affected by this condition then you will notice an amazing difference, although i am sure you will notice an improvement even if you haven’t previously considered this a problem!

After moving about getting ready to leave the hospital it hit me, this bunged up feeling that it I had been told about, which I was lucky not to experience immediately after I woke up.  Increased bleeding and the feeling that your now worse of than when you went in also emerge (I thought to myself why did I do this, I can breathe less than two hours ago!). This is natural although I was told if it lasts more than a few days to go get it checked out.

Back at home:

A mere four hours, later I was back at home. You feel like you have a cold for several days, a little bit of numbness in your lips and teeth can also be expected this is due to the pressure of the swelling in your nose on the nerves further down your face. This can last up to a few months. Luckily it only lasted a few days for me, although I have the odd moment of numbness.

For the first few days you feel dreadful, but this quickly improves, I was given standard pain killers nothing you can’t get from the shop to deal with the pain, the pain was worst on the 3rd day, its now day 6 and im not taking anything. The itching caused by the stitches and being blocked up are the most annoying things really.

No packing or anything like that in my case, something I had read about on the internet and many horrible tales about having them removed.  The op itself was over within the hour.

In short:

Six days after the op and I am feeling much better, still blocked up, but this is to be expected for a few weeks, no pain no gain as the saying goes. I will write again in a few weeks to update on whether the op was worth it something that will take a while to find out, but hopefully not too long. I am even considering going back to work, although I was advised to take at least ten days off.

If you are considering this op the horror tales etc are very overplayed, the procedure may well be carried out in different ways depending upon your location or consultant, but my experience so far has been much better than anything I have read on the internet previously. That said I am no medical expert!