A strange week

Well what a strange week, on Monday I underwent septoplasty to correct a deviated nasal septum in my nose. My first time in hospital other than when I was born,  with the new NHS options I got to chose to have the operation in a private hospital for free (less chance of catching MRSA or something and amazing food!)

I was rather nervous about the operation, as I had read on lot on the internet about the operation and the after effects, something I wish I had never had done, but it is a natural desire to research things to fill the void between what you are told by the consultant several weeks before hand and your apprehensions.  With this in mind I thought I would create a guide to what the feelings are post-op.

Straight after the op:

You are still drugged up and your nose is set perfectly, you are given something to eat and drink (in my case I was given tea, which is a big mistake as the steam from it is bad), If your sense of smell and taste has been affected by this condition then you will notice an amazing difference, although i am sure you will notice an improvement even if you haven’t previously considered this a problem!

After moving about getting ready to leave the hospital it hit me, this bunged up feeling that it I had been told about, which I was lucky not to experience immediately after I woke up.  Increased bleeding and the feeling that your now worse of than when you went in also emerge (I thought to myself why did I do this, I can breathe less than two hours ago!). This is natural although I was told if it lasts more than a few days to go get it checked out.

Back at home:

A mere four hours, later I was back at home. You feel like you have a cold for several days, a little bit of numbness in your lips and teeth can also be expected this is due to the pressure of the swelling in your nose on the nerves further down your face. This can last up to a few months. Luckily it only lasted a few days for me, although I have the odd moment of numbness.

For the first few days you feel dreadful, but this quickly improves, I was given standard pain killers nothing you can’t get from the shop to deal with the pain, the pain was worst on the 3rd day, its now day 6 and im not taking anything. The itching caused by the stitches and being blocked up are the most annoying things really.

No packing or anything like that in my case, something I had read about on the internet and many horrible tales about having them removed.  The op itself was over within the hour.

In short:

Six days after the op and I am feeling much better, still blocked up, but this is to be expected for a few weeks, no pain no gain as the saying goes. I will write again in a few weeks to update on whether the op was worth it something that will take a while to find out, but hopefully not too long. I am even considering going back to work, although I was advised to take at least ten days off.

If you are considering this op the horror tales etc are very overplayed, the procedure may well be carried out in different ways depending upon your location or consultant, but my experience so far has been much better than anything I have read on the internet previously. That said I am no medical expert!


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