Another Sporadic blog post

Well blogsphere its been a while since I posted,  however I have been busy trying to decide on my future, working hard and not playing enough.

To go back to uni or to stay at work. A tough question, add in an economic crisis and the inability to get easy credit and you have a clear tick in the stay at work box. But on the other hand, how long can I leave not going back, the ecomonic crisis can only last so long *hopes* and its kinda what I THINK I want to do, yes only think.

I guess i am in the confort of knowing that few people my age actually know what they want to do or be still. Those who do I am sure will have doubts later in life about it.

I’ve never been one for decisions, I shall have to go back to the old plan of writing a big list of pros and cons!

In other news.. I designed an advert which is going to be published in a trade magazine which I am chuffed about! I am a little untaken by this “twitter” melarky that seems to be taking the world by storm, its basically legalised and permissioned stalking it makes little sence to me!

Thats enough for now.


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