*newsflash* its another post!

So Easter has been and gone, a distant memory of feeling slightly nortous after eating an amount of chocolate which at any othert time of the year [other than christms] we would think was stupid.
It seems the purpose of religion has become an excuse for excessive eating of chocolate, something I’m certianly not complaining about!

So recently I have been starting to plan a few more photography trips, I did my first fashion shoot, which I found much easier than I had first expected dispite the lighting being a bit dark.I had a nice relax over easter and managed to last a whole 2 days before getting stressed out.

The jury is still out on the uni vs. work debate but I think the recession has made it a foolish choice to leave paid work at the moment.

I am beginning to have to learn more about webdesign both for my job and due to expecation, don’t get me wrong I can knock up a half decent looking site in a matter of hours, but im finding I need to know a lot more!

I shall write again when I can think of something interesting…which may be a while!


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