Travelling faster but seeing less of the world…

I’d only been back in a university for an hour, and already I had started pondering the world again… so i thought i’d write something to make you stop and think.

In an age of hyper-globalization, instant communication and global travel, we have an opportunity to see more of the world than ever before (if we are socially mobile that is!), although even this does not matter with the internet we can see the world from our computer chair.

But has air travel and an age of hi speed trains, resulted in us to experience less of the world?

We race to experience the mountains of new zealand or reserves of Africa or even the worlds cities in sanitized vessels of transport, but are we missing out on the bit in the middle. The journey, the experience of travel, has this become condensed into a microwaved meal and a cup of dreadful airline coffee? what happened to the bits in the middle?

Just looking out of the train window on even the shortest of new journeys we can learn so much about the area and the places on the way to the destination we have become so obsessed at reaching in the shortest possible time.


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