What is summer?

I don’t know about anyone else but everyone I talk to at the moment is either stressed out, tired, or happy as can be.

Why is there such a dichotomy in moods during the summer months? Personally I find myself wanting to be going on holiday and doing everything I know i should be doing, but alas find myself in the “stressed & pissed off” camp. One of those who feel they have not made enough of their summer are stratching away to make it “a summer to remember” Finding myself having to finally realise the fact people move on and things aren’t the same…

I think summer defines who we are, how well we are doing or where we are headed in life.  Exam results,  uni places,  holidays,  relationships and friendships are made and lost. All these things seem to be magnified in these few months before we all quieten down and rest during the winter amoungst darker nights and typical British winter weather..

That’s enough  of my idle ramblings to ponder for now.


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