The end of an era for Woolworths, a curse of MNCs…

6th January 2009

Well its tuesday, after surviving the most depressing day of the year, I thought i’d write a post about something topical. The demise of high street icons and the wrath of MNCs…

With today marking the last day of Trading for Woolworths  across the country and the various fallouts to other high street stores        and famous names. I got thinking, we all hear about the credit crunch its crippling effects and the inability for any of us to get the easy credit we are used to. But is it not something larger than this, Tesco and other supermarkets have been eroding their reason to exist for years now.

Years ago you wanted to find something for a present or go buy a CD you’d end up in Woolworths, a CD shop like HMV, more recently Fopp. But now we simply find things cheaper online or more easily in the supermarket during the weekly shop. Ironically Woolworths even supplied Tesco its CDs at one point!

The credit crunch didn’t help these companies, but I think we’ve overlooked the real reason why these stores are going under.. Online shopping, huge supermarket might and us.

Think about it, I for one look around a few different online shops, before I buy anything that isn’t food now, I check a number of online retailers i might even pop into a real shop that still sells the item, (if I can find one where I live) before I buy anything. I very rarely go to a shop and buy something like a DVD anymore because i can buy it cheaper online. We are all to blame here.

Think about the social implications of this, beyond the 20 or so thousand of people who won’t have a job tomorrow morning. Where will people who don’t/ can’t use the internet buy CDs from on the highstreet? I have to travel to my local city to actually get a range of CDs now which isn’t a local supermarket. Who is going to bother doing that?

Our own demand for an easier and cheaper life has caused us to lose local services, and shops, soon we will be a country devoid of any interesting little shops or specialist retailers but a fly stuck in the web of supermarkets, or drones to the internet frantically buying everything online…

Maybe we should pay an extra £2 to buy a CD just so this doesn’t happen so that we don’t become slaves to the Multinationals… or do we care?